Closet Shelving

Are you using your space as efficiently as you can? Adding shelving is the most efficient way to make great use of the space in your home.

We install shelving systems from Rubbermaid including a variety of accessories (such as under shelf baskets and custom storage units) to use your space the best way possible.

Where can shelving help?

  • Closets can use the Rubbermaid closet system. This flexible system is fully adjustable and can be combined with special shelving for uninterrupted hanger movement.
  • Pantries can also benefit from Rubbermaid shelving, and can utilize mesh shelving to store small items.
  • Office space can be at a premium. The Rubbermaid closet system comes to the rescue to get paper, supplies, and even computer equipment up out of the way.
  • Garage, laundry, and utility rooms can always benefit from additional shelving. Get those hoses, detergents, cleansers, toolboxes, and other items up off the floor and out